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What we’re fighting for!

Reproduced below is the press release the branch issued out last Thursday to explain why we were taking action and the importance of the issue.


Staff in colleges across the UK are under attack on all fronts from cuts to jobs and pay and now their pensions too. Solihull College UCU (University & College Union) members are taking strike action today (Thursday 24th March) to defend their right to a fair pension.

Unnecessary changes

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme is not in crisis. These proposals are driven by

the government’s desire to bolster its finances. As recently as November 2006,

UCU agreed reforms to make the pension scheme sustainable in the long-term

and we are calling on the government to respect these reforms instead of

pressing ahead with a damaging attack on lecturers’ right to a fair and decent


What are we opposing?

  • The average lecturer faces a £90 increase in costs per month in exchange for reduced benefits.
  • The government is demanding cuts of up to £852 million from  the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.
  • For a typical FE lecturer, changes could mean a loss of £36,000 or more over the course of their retirement .  (more details available)      


Please support our strike

UCU members cannot stand by and watch the Teachers’ Pension Scheme destroyed. Hardworking staff deserve a decent retirement, not to have their retirement targeted to swell the Treasury’s coffers.

People are sick and tired of having to pay for an economic crisis caused by irresponsible banks, while those banks and bankers are doing fine.

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