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June 8th, 2011:

Pension Fund Loss Calculator – Work out How Much YOU wil pay!

UCU has created a pension loss calculator that will allow you to work out how much changes to the TPS will cost you in financial terms and how longer you will have to work.

Click the link below!

Bear in mind the report below on leaked plans to hit TPS further and the costs calcualrted in this tool will just  be the minimum!

Pension Fund Attack Worse than at First Thought!!!!!


TPS under attack – Leaked paper shows Government plans for TPS worse than feared:

Government plans to reform teachers’ and other public sector pensions will be far more devastating than anyone imagined, it was revealed in a leaked Treasury paper published in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper. The paper confirms the Government’s intention to abandon the current teachers’ pension and introduce a massively inferior ‘career average’ scheme that would give members 1/100th of their career average pay for every year in teaching. It also shows that the Treasury proposals will mean members losing even more than figures shown in the UCU loss calculator. The Government says this may not be its final position but talks with unions are now 3 months old and the proposals now on the table are worse than feared. **WHAT YOU CAN DO**: branches have been asked to hold meetings on the TPS dispute, jointly with ATL wherever possible. Please make sure you attend your meeting. Read more here: and read the full Guardian story here: )

Fight of our Lives – Message from Sally Hunt


Dear colleague,

Earlier today I told UCU Congress that we have the fight of our lives ahead of us – education is under attack. Our jobs, pensions and the life chances of a generation are on the brink. You can read the speech here:

In times like these we must think anew and act anew. That is why I want every member of this union to have their say on how we do this.

To stand anew to win the fight of our lives we need to do three things

1.    Build a credible alternative to the cuts

2.    Improve support and representation for members and local reps

3.    Encourage members to get more involved in our union

I want to hear your views on how we do this by sending your responses here:

I am committed to playing my part to renew our union. I know you are too. Together, we can win.